HNS Class Golden Bridge Hollywood – 2012-07-18 – Healing by Altering Perception

Tune-in. Ong Namo….

Meditation To Stimulate The Third Eye:
Close the eyes.
The elbows are bent. The forearms are parallel with the floor. Both palms face down to the ground.
The hands are out in front of the chest. The right palm sits on top of the left hand.
Recite out loud, 3 times per breath (then inhale, recite 3 times per breath, continue):
“Aad Sach Jugaad Sach Haibhee Sach Nanak Hosee Bhee Sach”
Time: 11 minutes
To conclude: Inhale deeply, hold the breath, squeeze the spine, squeeze every muscle, exhale — 3x

Our perception has changed in some way. We no longer see things in the same way that we used to.

Our perception is made up of all kinds of things that are in place in a structure that doesn’t change much.

When we heal, perception changes. When someone’s perception changes, healing happens. We can help someone’s perception to change.

Our entire Perceptive Field is our reality. We are the source of all our perceptions. Sight and hearing are processed internally in our brains and perceptive faculties. We can feel only ourself.

We can know how we are affected by something in a healing relation, which is the basis of how we know anything.

We allow something new to happen. If some change happens in our perception of the relation, then some change happens in our event, and healing happens.

We heal through our awareness. Our intention facilitates something to change. Our intention becomes potent and manifest. We meditate, and we allow our awareness to migrate to that aspect of awareness where that can happen.

You are stabilizing that aspect of awareness by being here in this class.

We have resistance in some ways. We preconceive distance and position, which appear to be static and unchanging. Our preconceptions are the resistances that we hold to allowing something new to happen.

We allow our experience of the relation to be dynamic and changing, and then something is allowed to change when in our consciousness we have merged with what we’re relating and we’re not separated from everything.

Going into a big crowd of people will affect you in a strong way. The group at a rock concert has a group psyche that everyone can feel.

By being in this class, all practicing the same thing, the group psyche carries us to be in the experience.

We don’t rely on any reference external to the experience.

There is no separation; so if we’re allowing something to change, then the other is also allowing something to change.

It’s okay if this is mysterious. Forget what you think you understand. Be in your experience.

We’re going to practice today with perception.

Healing Exercises:
Round One: Open the space. Recall the space from the Meditation. Come into relation with your partner. Become aware of the resistances. Set the intention that as a resistance resolves, your Perceptive Field expands; and you allow your Perceptive Field to include more perceptions. Continue with this process. Come to conclusion.

Round Two: Repeat of Round One….

Round Three: Repeat of Rounds One and Two….

Round Four: Tiny Pets, think of someone or something that irritates you, that bugs you, and that you don’t like. (Repeat of the process in Rounds One, Two, and Three….)

As you increase the perceptions in your expanded Perceptive Field, your partner is gaining more perception and going beyond the perception that holds that irritation. A more inclusive view can resolve things.

The Tiny Pet begins by thinking, I don’t like that because…. In this healing process the “because” can go away.

Round Five: Repeat of Round Four….

If you forgot what was bugging you, your perception now includes more.

You can heal by expanding or altering perception.

Student: I’m irritated that I’m exposed to perfume on a regular basis.

If you have a reaction to the perfume, then practicing the Meditation that we did at the beginning of class will help you in a lot of ways, and will give you more of a perception with less of a viewpoint.

This process helps you to be more tolerant so that you don’t react so much. As your awareness includes more perception, something can change in you; and that can help.

It’s very common in the way we react to want to avoid something, or to collapse in the presence of something. This process helps us not to be so reactive.

Let’s close class now.

Sat Nam. Sat Nam. Sat Nam. (silent prayer….)

It has been the Tradition since I’ve known Yogi Bhajan that we share the cookies that the Birthday person brings to class….

I’m going to hold a Workshop on Healing and the Third Eye on Saturday at my home, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Afterwards we’re going to have a veggie barbecue. The directions to my home are on my website:

Guru Dev Singh said, “If you understand everything that I’m teaching, then you’ve got to go run the other way.”

We spent a whole Retreat with Guru Dev Singh practicing increasing and altering perception.

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