Kriya:  KYB053 841107 – Balancing Life (Prana & Apana) 

Yogi Bhajan –  KYB053 841107 Unknown Cause of Sickness
Balancing Life (Prana & Apana) 

People used to understand that there is praana and there is apaana, and the balance of these two energies makes a person a success or a failure 

“God gave you the body with praana and apaana. Apaana are there to eliminate negativity. People who have strong praana and do not have equally strong apaana are very cluttered people. They do not know how to eliminate things and elimination is very important. It is the balance of praana and apaana which creates the power of the Sbiuihinana, the central being, the equilib¬rium being. The Supreme being will awaken in you only when the praana and apaana both work together. One gives the power and the other eliminates negativity; all you will be left with is the plus.” 

To test the praana/apaana balance in yourself: balance on your hands and knees and then lift your left arm out straight and, at the same time lift your right leg out straight. Then change sides to test the other side. 

“Whenever apaana is not working and praana is perfect, you do not act right. Doesn’t matter how intelligent you are. And locks in praariic energy are very, very valid, but locks in apaanic energy are very subtle. If you cannot balance your body (in this posture), it means that your apaanic Shakti, the eliminating force, is not in balance. It is weaker.” 

1. Come onto your hands and knees and raise the left leg up and
raise the right arm up straight in front. This posture -will balance and strengthen the apaanic energy. 3 Minutes. Change sides and continue 2 1/2 Minutes. 

2. Stand on your knees -with your arms straight up over your head. Stabilize yourself by drawing in the navel point so that you can feel the tops of your feet pressing into the floor. Lift your chest and bend backward, stretching away from the lower back. Begin to move your arms and neck in a circle; your shoulders will move but your knees will not move. This is SobagnL Kriya, the kriya of virtue. 2 Minutes. 

3. Sit down and stretch your legs out straight. Grab the bottoms of your feet and bend forward, resting your upper body upon your thighs. Hold the position for 2 1/2 Minutes. At this point Yogi Bhajan played the gong. Remain in the position, concentrating at your third eye point for another 2 1/2 Minutes. 

4. Lie on your back and deeply relax every part of your body, while you project your energy out of your third eye. 6 Minutes. Yogi Bhajan continued to play the gong during this meditation. 


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