Meditation: Perugia 2013 Homework

On December 7, Guru Dev Singh assigned us a homework meditation, LA873.  He also suggested that we could do one additional meditation, LA847, prior to do doing LA873.  It would enhance the effect of the homework meditation.

LA847-19950816-Unity-Your Magnetic Field of theTotal Self Will Become One

LA873-Nao Niddh Kriya 

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3 thoughts on “Meditation: Perugia 2013 Homework”

  1. Sat Nam, Hari Nam, and thank you for sending the homework meditations. I thought that Guru Dev Singh also wanted us to keep up with the four meditations we did in Perugia.
    Any thoughts on this? Blessings, Nam Hari Kaur

    1. I think it is a good practice to keep up the sadhana. In years past, Guru Dev has encouraged it. I don’t recall his saying anything specifically this time.

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