Today: Liberation – from the I Ching


Liberation in this context implies a liberation of the mind through clarity.  You can free yourself of the entrapments and tensions created by circumstances surrounding you by releasing others from your expectations and releasing all resentment toward them.  Forgive them.  Then break from them in your mind, releasing all entanglements.

External oppression will persist.  Do not engage or react to it in your mind going forward.  In such times there is nothing you can do but acquiesce to your fate and remain true to yourself. This concerns the deepest stratum of  being, for this alone is superior to all external fate.  This, too, will pass.

The text reads:
Times of deliverance demand inner resolve. Inferior people cannot be driven off by prohibitions or any external means. If one desires to be rid of them, he must first break completely with them in his own mind; they will see for themselves that he is in earnest and will withdraw.



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