Recap: Healing Intensive with Hari Nam Singh at Park Slope Brooklyn October 12-13, 2018

Who are you?  What does it mean being you, to whom?

Q: “Why are there spiritual beings having a human experience?”
A: Human beings are God’s means of experiencing and knowing God-Self.

We held a two day intensive exploring self and some of its aspects.  We  addressed tendencies that allow us to be persuaded to adopt a non-self identity.

October 12
Meditation: NM091 – 19921110 – Self Emboldenment, Engagement, Vision
Meditation: LA742 921201 Fear 1, original fear
Meditation: NM0420-20011015 – The Power of Memories – Remember the Saint Within

Class audio part 1

October 13
Meditation: M043-19890623 See Your Soul Within Your Third Eye
Meditation: NM0415 – 20010910 – Karma & Dharma
Meditation: LA004 780109 Innocent Thumbs

Class audio part 2

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