M134 970325 Working on the Upper Chakras

M134 970325 Working on the fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Chakras

“Serve people. Don’t expect results. Don’t put your harpoon into another person. Just serve. People will love you. It will be an everlasting friendship. ” YB

This kriya will change your chakras and make you better able to move through your cbakra system. This will make you a better human being.

1. Sit up straight like a yogi. Keep your eyes open and look straight ahead. Use your diumb to tightly lock down your Mercury (pinkie) and Sun (ring) fingers of each hand. Extend the Jupiter (index) and Saturn (middle) fingers up straight.

Bend your elbows. Press your elbows and upper arms very tightly against your rib cage. This balance of force will consolidate your position so that when the hands revolve, your whole body will move. Revolve your hands rapidly in circles at a race of three circles per second. Keep moving, don’t stop. 5 112 Minutes.

Correctly and rapidly doing the movement will cause the spine and neck to loosen up and get adjusted. It will cause the armpits to sweat, which will release toxins from the brain. Eleven minutes of this exercise done correctly every day is good for your heart.

2. Stretch your arms out straight to the sides. Right palm faces upward to the heavens; left palm faces downward to the earth. Allow no bend in the elbows. Close your eyes and look at the tip of your nose. Let the body balance itself. Become solid like stone. Don’t move. 6 Minutes.

This position creates a balanced magnetic field between the earth (left hand facing downward) and the heavens (right hand facing upward). You must stay steady. The temptation to move can become very strong. Go through the discomfort so that you can train your brain to overcome pain by issuing its own natural pain reliever. Open up this channel and you can train yourself to conquer pain.

3. Inhale and interlock your fingers. Lift your arms up to form a circle over the top of your head, like an aura. Exhale. Hold this position and whistle along with the instrumental version of Ardas Bhaee on the recording called Healing Sounds of the Ancients #5 for 6 Minutes.
To finish:

Inhale, hold the breath for 15 Seconds, while you keep your fingers interlaced and stretch your arms up so high that you lift up your entire body. At the same time, expand your rib cage outward. Exhale.

Inhale, hold the breath for 10 Seconds, repeating the stretch upward, while opening your chest cavity as wide as possible. Exhale.
Last time: inhale, hold die breath 10 Seconds and slowly and strongly twist to the left and slowly and stronslv twist

See lecture video in Library of Teachings


See Lecure in Library of Teachings


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