Meditation: LA779 – 19930916 – Kriya to Create a Miracle for Yourself

Yogi Bhajan September 16, 1993, Los Angeles, CA

Kriya to Create a Miracle for Yourself
“Everything which happens in nature teaches you something! Every person you meet, you can learn something if you are sensitive and conscious…. The consciousness is a real balancing act, where you, the environment and your object, all three you can balance intuitively.” —Yogi Bhajan

Raise the elbows up and out to the sides, forearms parallel to the ground with the hands flat in front of the Heart Center, palms face down, fingers point towards opposite hand. Saturn Fingers (middle fingers) do not touch, stay ½ inch (1 cm) apart.

Focus the eyes at the Tip of the Nose. Experience seeing the Blue Pearl.

Breath is unspecified. Concentrate.

Immediately begin the next posture.
7 min

Maintain the posture and eye focus.

Listen to Meditation by Wahe Guru Kaur.

7 min

To End:
Inhale deep, hold the breath for 20 seconds. Stretch the spine consciously vertebrae by vertebrae from the lower tailbone up to the neck. Exhale. Repeat three more times. Relax and shake the hands and body wildly. Spread the energy to all the facets of the body. Continue for 1 minute. Relax. Then, move just the toes and the fingers fast, balance what has been achieved. Continue for 1.5 minutes.

Comments: “The forehead will start becoming heavy like a lead in exactly three minutes. That means your posture is correct…. Let the fingers not meet and let your eyes not change, let your spine be straight so that the spinal fluid can start flowing. Concentrate and whatever pain is happening, welcome it. Whichever nerve is bothering, welcome it. It is not bothering you, it is straightening itself, it is straightening its meridian, it’s straightening the flow of energy.” —Yogi Bhajan

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It is not my projection that you are a human being.  But you are.  And as a human, you are what you are.  Good, bad, right, wrong, happy, unhappy, sick, healthy, there are many facets.  And if we look to all facets you have, in spite of all facet, there is a one fact.  Are you you?  And that’s not true.  You know when you deal with your life as you want to deal with your life, you have the right to deal with your life, the way you want to look, the way you want to eat, the way you want to be, the way you want to suffer, the way you want to be …  Whatever you do and whether you are born to belong to God or God belongs to you, something like that, but are you you?  Are you a bunch of solidified, (?) ideas, which cannot change.  Think about it.

All what you have become is, somebody which you are not.  The circumstances, the experience, the sicknesses, the betrayals, the treacheries, the happiness, friendship, brainwash, whatever you are going to call it, I am not going to blame anybody.  But, I am sixty four year old and I have constantly fight.  I had a big fight with this thing that “I am me, I am not an opinion, I am not an action, I am not a status, I am not a institution, I am not real, I am not not real,..”  Beyond all what is imaginable, in existence, in feelings, in reality, in non-reality, still I hold myself as me.  Can you even think of it.  But what is the idea?  I mean to say what do you think you are?  There is a one place for you within you where you can hang in and not be touched.  You do not know the joy of it, you do not understand.  This is how it starts.

“I have a wife, I have children, I have a boyfriend, I have a sexual friend, I have a married man…”

What, what have you, you think.  Whatever you have is a gift.  It’s not yours.  Gift is never personal.  Enjoy it, have it, do whatever you want to do with it, I am not interfering.  I am not quoting ethics to you, but gift is a gift.  If you ever take gift as yours, you will drift into a pit from you will never come out.  If wife thinks husband is a gift, if husband thinks wife is a gift, they will never fight.  Gifts don’t fight.  Do they fight?  Have you ever looked in the mirror how much you spend money on being beautiful?  Have you seen on your behavior how much energy you spend being idiot?  Have you, have you ever understood?  One day I was laughing, there was a doctor and she was a doctor.  Husband and wife were doctors.  And they came as my guests and they started fighting with each other.  I didn’t say anything, I enjoyed it.  It was a free movie.  Soap opera.  And she said,

“You are stupid, you have come in the presence of a holy man, you shut up.”

He say, “You shut up, I want to have ask question.”

And neither he asked question nor he shut up, nor she could shut him up and they had a half-an-hour at the most beautiful show, free of cost.  And I said,

“Who gave them the degree?  I mean who made them PhDs?” 

The lady was MD and man was PhD.  (?) very successful people.  He works for a very high classy white post and she is a medical doctor.  And they both had a quarrel with each other.  And today I ask one of my girl, I said, may I ask, because I saw somebody having the bangs over the glasses, I mean to say, (?) it was just like the dog which can’t see.  So naturally it created a curiosity in me (?) and I said,

“Could you tell me why people put these bangs?”

Because that creates fear in your personality.  It’s a very psychological defective thing to cover your forehead.  This area should never be covered, doesn’t matter what you do, and she said,

“To not show these wrinkles.”

Ha, don’t show wrinkles, but you will be always be phobic.  Look at the exchange of price.  Because this triangle is the porous bone, which is meant for light during the day and hairs are bad conductor of heat and electricity and both won’t go.  It is amazing.  The only first time in the world this psychology was used by (?) to slave the Chinese population and he used this psychology that any, every Chinese woman will have like that, (?) you saw the doll bangs?  And every man will be shaved up to half head and if not, they can be slaughtered on the spot.  It was used as a psychology, it’s a what you call this, fear therapy.  For generations.  Now I didn’t know it was a fashion.  I didn’t have to do anything with it, because I don’t have bangs, so what do I know.

But, you know, we want to hide things, what is wrong having wrinkles, tell me?  What’s so bad about it?  I mean you are forty five year old and you have wrinkles.  Think of those who died at twenty-two, without wrinkles.  Ha?  They are dead and gone.  Twenty-two.  They never had wrinkles.  And how much you can avoid wrinkles?  And what is so bad dying?  What is so bad getting old?  (?) that’s bad being you as you.  You will never accept you.  You know, I mostly I don’t speak very frankly, because you will be hurt.  Then I am supposed to say things in between, you know, read between the lines.

How more stupid a person can be in intelligence and in consciousness when you don’t accept yourself?  I will never dress myself for anybody.  Never.  Never.  I like to look beautiful to myself.  I want to look beautiful to me, to my Guru, to my God, to my consciousness.  I want to be excellent and elegant for myself.  Not for anybody, who the hell is anybody can do me anything?  If I don’t have me, everything else of mine for anybody is as wrong as a lie can be.  And when you start, first step on untruth, how much you can make it?

Think sometime, just understand how stupid we are and how much false we live and then we expect everybody to be truthful.  Then we expect everybody to love me and love us and so we can live happily thereafter.  I mean, you have stories to believe, but for God’s sake, understand were is the challenge.  Challenge is just to be you.  In the all hotchpotch of this planet and all teachings and feelings and, you know somebody was telling me today we are the pioneers in this and we are pioneers in this, and we are not selling ourself right and I said, “Thank God, we are not selling ourself right, wrong, even.”  We are not.  We are not selling ourself, but where they are going to go?

Where this humanity is going to go?  They don’t even answer.  We have their answer.  Why not do we wait?  Have patience.  One day everybody has to drink yogi tea whether you like it or not.  There is no way, there is no way ultimately to get rid of the stress and move your liver other than this formula which is thousand and thousands of years old.

There was once a time, the Sikhs’ home you go, you smell yogi tea pot from two blocks.  Now not.  Not at all.  Now they drink coffee, I know.  It’s not that, now they are rich.  Now even yogi tea is a instant yogi tea, they never drink.  Other people drink.  But our people don’t drink.  A one thing for centuries a man found out a formula, not I found it, I just thought it will be better for liver.  Just for liver.  It’s a good, it’s tasty, it is nice, no, nobody drinks it.  But in those days, when we were young in ‘60s we were totally over rotten by drugs and drugged by those stuff, we wanted to recuperate, then we understood.  We took it as a savior.  But now we don’t.  Now it shall always save you.  Something is not to sell, not to sell, not to push, not to…  It is something to have.  Carrot juice have to have.  You don’t like carrot juice, don’t like carrots, (?) fine.  Nobody is going to ask you to like carrots.  Zucchini, you have to have.

There are certain thing in this nature you have to have.  You know I go to restaurants, it’s very funny.  You ask any plate, doesn’t matter what, they put little parsley over it.  Have you seen that little thing?  And the first thing the idiot does, take that parsley, put it on the side.  Can you believe this?  Can you understand that?  The idea is to pick the parsley and eat it, chew it first and then eat the dish.  The parsley on the tip of the dish is the pre-demand of the dish.  The maker knows it, the eater doesn’t.  I was that day eating with a person and dish came with a parsley on the top and he picked it up and I picked it up.  He say,

“You want it sir?”

I say, “Yes.”  And I say, “Give this old dish to me.”


I say, “You can’t eat it.  Because this parsley should be eaten first and then you eat the stuff.  Because the parsley, little parsley will go, it will stimulate the kidneys and this dish you are eating is heavy, it will clog the kidneys.  Maker is not a idiot, you are an idiot.  Parsley is for the health of the kidney.  That’s what they put there.  This, this is not a decoration piece.”

This little thing…  Weren’t we all right without Siri Ved?  We didn’t have any problem.  Now it is okay?  Now.  I think he doesn’t eat parsley at all.  Okay?  Now.  I didn’t touch it, don’t worry.  Now wait a minute now, this, you mean this is bad and that’s good.  Is this guy American?  Can you check his…?  Can you check from which planet he has come?  I mean, I can’t believe he is with me for twenty two years never one day he doesn’t do this.  It’s amazing.  Now you don’t hear it at all.  First, there was something, no, no, no, no, it is all his, he seeks attention in all this (?).  It’s a psychological sickness, it’s (?) nothing, nothing so wrong, it’s okay.  Yeah, now what?  Now something is wrong with your head, that’s the problem.  There is nothing wrong with the system.  System can always be put to order.  Now what?  Okay?  No?  Yeah?  Little bit.  See this is what he is going to do.  Somebody went to pick up a girlfriend.  He started, she started brushing the hair.  This is what Siri Ved does.  When the class time happens, this is what he does.  Some wire is loose, something is not connected, so everybody knows who Siri Ved is.  He is a funny guy.  Are you married or divorced?  Maybe some woman can change your head, God knows.  Okay now?  Is it okay?  So now Siri Ved is recognized?  Now give him a hand.

You have to have carrot juice and you have to eat carrot, if you need your teeth.  There is no, no substitute for it.  There is no substitute for zucchini.  There is no substitute for yogi tea, there is no substitute for yogurt, there is no substitute on this planet for turmeric, the most sexiest, healthiest healing herb on this planet.  There is no substitute for (?), no, no.  There is no substitute for (?), doesn’t matter you jump up, down, hate it or like it.  It doesn’t matter.  It has the aspirin and it has the (?) quinine, and which controls the nervous system and which controls the blood thickness and thinness, according to the weather.  It’s very precise formulas.  There is nothing you can do.

There are certain things in life you have to have.  You have to be your own doctor for a while.  And then when something fails go to a doctor.  You can’t be waiting “All right, I blow up everything and then I go to a doctor.”  It won’t happen.  It will never work out, you have to have a cold shower whether you like it or you hate it, doesn’t matter.  There is no medical human system that you can open up your capillaries other than cold shower.  And cold shower means cold shower.  Cold shower doesn’t mean (?).  This not a cold shower.  I saw somebody taking a cold shower (?) I say, “What?  What happened?”

‘I have taken cold shower.”

I say, “This is no damn cold shower.  Get in.  And now, massage your whole body.”

“It’s very cold.”

“That I know.  I follow the rule.  Come on.  And you massage your body under this damn cold water till your body tells you it is no more cold.  That’s the cold shower.”

It means all the capillaries are open and ‘Come on, I was waiting, where were you?  Today is your birthday, you have to sit here and meditate by my side.’  Then look great.  Right?  And straight?  Right?  And look, and just like, like a yogi, right?  Good.  And let everybody do anything but you have to keep doing.”

That’s a cold shower.  It means all the organs in the body the capillaries are open and blood supply has been resumed and the blood has come to the outer skin, to fight out the cold, it means no wrinkle, no that (?) what they call it, A-something?  (?)

Student:  (———-).

YB: (?) something, all the money can be saved.  There is no need to be stupid and spend those hours and hours and dollars and dollars.  On one Saturday when you are off, you have to take couple pounds of yogurt and lemon and turmeric and make a powder, like a paste.  And put it on your body, let it dry.  Let it dry.  And ladies, inside out.  You (?) understand what I am saying?  And then, you use water and couple hours to take it off.  And you will have a skin of a baby.

So there are certain rules.  There are certain ways to life.  Yeah, take (?) oil, massage your body.  Right?  Go under cold shower, you will be on fire.  And avoid (?) otherwise you will go to emergency hospital.  No way.  But if you can avoid that, and massage yourself with a (?) oil and go under cold shower, your body will be on fire, for couple minutes.  But you will not hurt.  You will not have millions of problems which you can otherwise get.  Because it will penetrate into the whole system and take care of you.  Be yourself, something for yourself.  Mentally, physically, spiritually, these are the three things you have.  If your spirit goes off, you will be depressed.  If your mind does not provide the caliber, you, you will be tired.  If your physical body doesn’t come through, you will look stupid.  Doesn’t matter how dressed up you are (?), moment you go to a certain place or certain talk or party, (?), and you will start falling apart.  What is the use of that?  I mean, what is this God, God you are all the time crying when you (?) cannot handle your own things into one gear?

Without taking care of the body and it’s nervous system and it’s circulatory system and it’s glandular system, you will never have a body.  Without opening up the Chakras, without meditating, clear the subconscious becoming conscious of your whole system and being, you will have no caliber of mind.  And without invoking in you the experience of ecstasy, you will never command the spirit when you need it.  And you will fail.  You will become a victim of your own scandal.  You don’t need enemies.  I don’t believe any enemy you need.  I think you are your own enemy.

I am not interested in anything, I am very interested in the aura of a student when I see the frequency and the arcline are man matching I take a very personal interest, “Hey don’t do this.  Hey, don’t go this way, hey, stop, be yourself, hey,”  You know.  Sometime they listen, sometime they don’t.  When they don’t, so be it.  It’s not my responsibility.  I don’t want to control anybody, because I don’t want to control myself.  I want to be a free person, independent person.  I want to elevate myself, I want to enjoy myself, what myself is.  I want everybody to do it.

How come you start with a man and a husband and a wife and a beloved and a lover and whatever and after two, three, four, five, six years you draw knives at each other.  Why?  Because you lack communication.  Because the development of you is you, him is him, her is her, it is never together.  You do not know as human to develop yourself in unisonness.  Develop.  I want to do what I want to do, I want to think what I want to think.  And you know we feel that if I ask you to listen to me, and you listen to me, it’s a slavery.  Why you go to college then?  Just to learn.  It’s always better to listen to a learned person and experienced and become learned.  Only listening is not enough.  Experience it.  If it’s wrong, go back and say,

“You told me this, I did this, look hell has created.” Face the person.

Learning is a experience process, learning is not a philosophy.  It’s not a bookish knowledge.  If it’s a (?) bookish knowledge, there are libraries, you don’t need anything.  You don’t need a teacher.  And teacher is not to be worshipped.  That is where you are most stupid western in the world.  Teacher is not to be worshipped.  Teacher is to be challenged.  Teacher is to ask questions, teacher is to ask him, “Tell me.”

You western, God knows what has gone wrong with you.  (?) Swamiji, (?), what (?) will do for you, nothing.  It’s such a word I can’t believe it.  I went to this World Parliament, everybody started touching my feet I say,

“I am going to fall, I cannot perfectly healthy yet.  Don’t do this.”

Just, oh it is, it’s a, it’s a, what they say,

“It is a tradition to fall at your feet.”

I say, “No, no, no, no, no.  It’s a tradition to fall at my feet to learn something.  Not to make me fall.”

You know, I am not that kind of a teacher.  If you have met me, ask me question, I will give you the answer.  We’ll be very lucky.  I’ll teach you something to be a better person.  That is my play.  This, this, too much for me, I say, I have my staff, I have my people, take care of me, I’ll come with ten, fifteen people, I am all well taken care of, there is no problem.  I am very well organized person.  Okay?  You want to learn something?  Learn from me and then experience it, and then enjoy it, and if doesn’t work, call me.  You need to respect your teacher so that you can become a learned.  Not a slave.  But here, either it’s a question, question, question, or it’s a hum-hum-hu (?), both don’t work.  Ask question, experience, ask question, experience, ask question, experience, if it’s a wrong ask further questions.  Tell your thesis of life and say,

“Well, you told me this, Mr.  I followed you and look this is has happened.  It’s not working.”

That is the way to learn in spirituality.  It’s not a matter of trust, it’s a matter of knowledge.  That’s why lot of you freak out when I say don’t trust me.  I said very openly.  Because moment you start trusting me, it is, (?) the snake is on my neck, then you are free. That we don’t want.  I want you to enquire, work hard and experience yourself.  Why you are trusting me?  Because you don’t want to do the homework.  You want the easy path, “Ha, Yogiji said this, Yogiji….”

Yogiji said this, why he said it?  Check it out.  Does it work for you, it doesn’t for you, challenge him.  Tell me I am a stupid, I’ll prove it to you  I am very wise, in two second, I’ll nail you so bad you can’t believe it.  Yeah.  The relationship between a father and a child is for inquiry.  But there is a difference.  One day the son will challenge the father.  And it’s, it will happen.  The son will grow and the sun will set.  Father will diminish, deplete and the son will grow.  But in a teacher and student relationship, student will shine and the teacher will shine with it.  So it’s a very futuristic investigation and investment.  A real teacher, doesn’t matter what the temptation is, shall never betray you.  Never.  If he betrays you for the sake of temptation, he is not your teacher.  Take it granted.  Because his investment is not in now, it is in his tomorrow.  And mind you one thing, if you ever see your teacher, have some buffers around you.  You are not going to have a good time.  Very rarely you will expect a teacher to be nice.  Because first thing is, he is going to see the defect and he (?) get on your neck.  First thing.  It’s a, as the stone and the chisel meet, comes spark.  Moment the teacher will meet you as a teacher, first (?) ceremony, that’s different, once the teacher will meet you as a teacher, he say,

“Hey, what are you doing?”

“No I am fine.”

“No, no, you are not.  What’s going on?”

And that’s how it starts.  And then you will try to deny and he will try to coax you to death, finally you will say this is happening and then there comes the shower left and right, up and down.  Because idea is either you will learn from time and the bitterness of it, or you can learn from a teacher and save the bitterness of it.

Life is a practical challenge.  Life is not what you and I are relating like okay, we go to the class, we pay few bucks and is over with.  That’s not life.  Life is to get rid of the garbage and come out clean.  Get it, it is your right.  Be free, be frank.  Because teacher is today, you are tomorrow.  Remember this.  Teacher has no tomorrow.  If he has no tomorrow, or he has a tomorrow without you, then he is a preacher, he is not a teacher.  Then you are falling around guy for wrong purposes.  Teacher is a investment, of his total ability in you and there is no relationship between you and teacher.  Teacher job is to chisel you and your job is to not try to get chiseled and his job is or her job is to chisel you to your death.  And your job is to give him run around and make all kind of excuses.  And make a “”No, no, no, I mean, na, na, na…” then it ultimately comes to such a first degree language that you won’t find a way out.

Remember one thing in your life.  Everything around here is a teacher.  Blossoming of the flower, fragrance thereof, opening of the bud, changing of the weather, everything which happens in the nature teaches you something.  Every person you meet, you can learn something if you are sensitive and conscious.  And let us see why we let that beautiful experience pass by?  We have to be contemplate ourself into a kind of ecstasy, so that we can be intuitively sensitive to find out the truth.  Just by the very touch.  Understand?  How we can develop that?

Tonight is a hard night.  Anybody has to go early or has a baby-sitter waiting for you or something like that or you are going to stick round?  What, up to what time you are available?

Student:  (———-).

YB:  Nine.  Okay.  We will try to do whatever we can, okay?  Yeah.

Student:  (———-).

YB:  No, no, no, no, no, no.  Garbage you, you always find, there is, God cannot create one thing.  And you therefore cannot create one thing.  Whereas your wise, there is unwise with you, where you are right, there is unright with you, where car is moving, there is a brakes there.  So basically, how much you can control your emotions, commotions, your thoughts, because your thoughts are not under your control.  Your intellect, intellect is not under your control.  Your consciousness is under your control.  So intellects leaves all the thoughts.  Millions of thoughts, and those thoughts do become emotion, feeling, desires and your activity.  You can’t kill yourself for that.

So you have to understand that you have three personalities.  You have a real personality, you have a working personality, and one is your fantasy, fantasy.  So you have to see are you in too much in fantasy, or you are too much into your working personality, or you are too much in your reality.  Can you bring balance if you can’t take help?  Otherwise you will be off.  You will be scattered, you can’t make it.  Because practically life demands reality, practical working reality in balance.  So, if you are too much thinking that bring it down, if too much scared and practical you can’t match up to your working personality and every time your boss is saying you are not making it, then you try to see what you are doing is not right.  You understand?

Student:  (?) don’t understand (?) said your consciousness (?) under control.  What do you mean by that?  I don’t understand (?)

YB:  The conscience is an aware balance act, where you, the environment and you object, subject, environment are three, you can balance intuitively.  That’s consciousness.  It’s a mathematical formula.  I, this other person, is another person’s environment and my environment must bring it to balance.  It can’t be, I force him, or he forces me.  It can’t be done.  You have to come to a mutual understanding.  And mutual understanding not in two.  Mutual understanding in three.  And that’s where everybody goofs.  You, the object, you are the subject, there is a object, two and the environments.  Somebody called somebody on the telephone,

“Honey, you love me?”

She said, “I do.”

“You do?”

She said, “Yes, I do.”


“I am missing you.”

She say, “I am missing you too.”

And he said, “You come now.  If you won’t be in two hours, I’ll commit suicide.”

Telephone banged.  She left.  There was a storm.  He knew it.  But she just to prove it, started.  Got stuck by avalanche, never made it.  He never shot himself.  That stupid lover should have known the environments are not cohesive.  And she should have known the environments also have a vital part, if she has to go and meet him, environments must permit it to meet.  So if two people are in mad love or real love or understanding or relationship, it is human to involve the environments into it.  And those who do not involve environments are very unconscious people.  Does it make it clear?

Student:  (———-).

YB:  That’s okay.  Little is enough.

So let us sit down please, and balance our hands but our saturn finger, the second finger must not touch, but should have about, it’s called plug difference.  Plug difference is less than half an hour per half an inch.  You have to make your hands like this and very accurate, but must not meet, but it should not be too much away, it should be just they call plug difference.  Plug difference is less than half an hour, half an inch.  Seven time thinking of the hour, because see how much your psyche can affect.  Because at that time there was half an hour of your going to meet your baby-sitter, right?  Accurate?

Now.  Bring your eyes and see how the body will give you what you don’t want to otherwise get.  Now, bring your eyes to the tip of the nose.  Down there, from there down there you will find a little blue space.  It’s called ‘Blue Pearl’ or ‘Pearl of Life’ or ‘Pearl of ….’ there are so many things for this one little thing, it doesn’t mean anything, it’s just a matter of experience.

If your posture will be correct, your front lobe, the forehead, will start becoming heavy like a lead within exact three minutes.  That means your posture is correct.  Kindly look deep at your tip of the nose and below, keep your fingers and don’t let them meet, they will meet, mind you I am warning you .  I’ve done it, so I know it.  The fingers will meet.  Let them not meet and let your eyes not change, let your spine be straight so that serum can start flowing, spinal fluid, they call it and things start happening.  And kindly concentrate.

I am going to go tonight myself and get rid of this cold of mine just by a simple formula of having little parsley, blended and juiced, about an ounce with a lemon, drink it.

Look down the tip of the nose.  Just think from the nose like water drops you are dripping something and you are seeing it falling into the blue cup down there.  It’s very easy, if you cannot do it, try it.  If whatever your body does, it shall have effect.  Just be elegant, there is nothing more noble than your own physical control on your own body ….


….misunderstand me that your body is under your perfect control, that’s not true.  This is a misunderstanding we all have.   Our body and our nervous system is called stamina.  Sometime our stamina, physical stamina, mental caliber, and our spirit do not catch up to meet our demand.  Try to understand.  So this is just to develop and invoke in you that energy, you will start opening up your Chakras without your any hassle.  And your frontal lobe will start (?) heavy like a lead, you will feel like an headache, but that’s not a real thing.  It mean, it is happening.  And just feel there is a halo of light God with you, like Ang Sang Wahe Guru, that’s what actually Ang Sang Wahe Guru means, the sound, it’s a sound, it is not, it is a halo sound.

Today is a very day of festivity.  You will feel every Jewish family walking around with Yamka and well dressed up and going through the synagogue.  It is a new year.  So in every religion you find certain time where you can tune yourself to a point you can go for something you feel is real.  You will find in every religion, but in yoga, it’s every time.  You don’t have to wait.

Right now you are tuning yourself and exercise yourself control, physical, mental and spiritual.  Sit like a yogi, be like a yogi, act like a yogi and there will be a pain and there will be a painful pleasure, both.  Rise above it.  Your nerves will start kicking in and itching and either your lower back will start hurting or your neck will start going berserk.  Either of the two things will happen in this exercise because all the five tattvas, elements are now exchanging energy very heavily.  I wish you should see the way I am seeing it.

Put that tape, “Meditate…..”  meditation, yeah.  It is now five minutes to nine and you are being timed now.  And please do your best to concentrate and whatever pain is happening, welcome it.  Whichever nerve is bothering, welcome it.  It is not bothering you, it is straightening itself, it is straightening it’s meridian, it’s straightening the flow of energy.  It means that meridian is blocked.  Either go to acupuncture, get a needle in or just do it yourself.

(The tape, “Meditation… is played).

YB (talks over tape):  Fix the eyes.  Optical nerve must be controlling the brain…..  There are two nerves which are very strong.  The taste and the sight.   Optical nerve and taste nerve.  Faster.  Third comes the skin, the touch.  Now become yogi for five minutes.  I am not expecting any miracle, I am expecting right you creating a miracle.  For yourself.  There is no philosophy in this.  Left energy and right energy, ida and pingala will exchange itself at a very high velocity.  If the optical nerve is totally controlled the action will be hummungus……  Four more minutes.  Become like a solid statue of Buddha.  Be your best, nothing less…..  Meditation is a answer to life, problems, hurdles, weaknesses, it makes you cross all pain, displeasure, weakness.  It’s your pathway between man and God.  Woman included……  You have one and a quarter minute to go.  Concentrate…..  Inhale deep.

(The tape ends).

YB:  Deep, deep, deep, hold it tight and stretch your spine vertebra by your physical actions from lower tail up to the neck.  Consciously one, one, one, one…. All the way up to the twenty six of them and then let it go.  Inhale again deep, hold tight and please squeeze all the muscular system of your body by the spine, just consciously, slowly, gradually all the weight to the up to the neck, chin in and then let it go.  Once again inhale and do the same.  One, two, three, four, …….  nineteen, twenty, one, two, three, four, five six, let it go.  Inhale deep again.  One two, three four,….  nineteen twenty, one, two, three, four, five six, let it go.  Please relax.  And shake your hand and body as wildly and fanatically and insanely you can.  That’s the beauty of it, if you, if you will not do that, energy will not spread into all facets.  Just go, go, go, go, just like craziest thing you can do is, and the wisest thing.  Just you act crazy.

Move, move, move your body, just like wild as it should be.  Whatever you can imagine, a wild action you can just by sitting do it, just do it.  Hurry up, hurry up.  You have legs also, they need energy too.  They have to carry you, the body, neck, (?) go just into, it’s called causing a self-creative convulsion on the body.  All right, now sit down nicely.  Feel good?  You are okay?

Run, run, run, nine o’clock, hurry up.  It’s okay, it’s, it’s nice.  Aa, this is what you can do with me, whenever you get a chance you can live.  With me, you can only do one thing.  With me you can learn to live.  I am not interested in your imaginations and in your wealth, and in your poverty and in your richness and whatever you go through.  But, I can take your wheel of the wagon out of the mud.  That I can do.  And that is what is called Kundalini yoga.  It immediately takes a person from mental stalemate to mental activity.  Increases the caliber.  There is no beauty of this yoga, I would never have tried it if I don’t understand three things about it.  One is, saves time, number two, it is spontaneous, number three, it deeply affects on all calibers of the human, all facets.  That’s all.

And the wonderful thing in this is, we don’t initiate anybody, we don’t lay philosophy, nothing doing.  Get a person in the mold, cook him, stretch him, wash him, clean him, kick him out, let him face his day.  That’s how it works.  It’s not a (?) you come and do for me and I’ll do for you.  There is no such thing, there is no little (?), most of the people don’t like it.  Then they want long emotional rap and satisfaction, that kind of relationship.  In this, it can’t be.  We don’t initiate anybody.  Because if you are so stupid you can’t initiate yourself, why the hell we go to the trouble?

So it is not, it’s a, it’s a respect of your understanding of your learning of your grace, it’s not a respect by bound, by tying knots and tying those trips and going through all those ceremonies, no ceremony.  There is only one ceremony that you (?) get better ten times than your teacher.  That’s your ceremony.  Prove it.  That is the only ceremony which is acceptable in this whole science.  Become, become, healthier, happier and holier.  And as everybody has nine holes is a holy, simply you should know what goes in and goes out.  And that is called conscious control.

And now, a very simple exercise.  Move your toes and move your fingers fast together for few minutes, so whatever you have achieved is balanced.  That’s all.  It will be a minute and a half when we finish this we will be free.  Come on, come on, quick, fast.  And see the toes are moving both sides.  Because toes and fingers are the extremities.  So, the movement little bit in them, does complete thing.  All right.  Now, fold your hands and sing.

(The class sings “May the long time………”)

See Lecure in Library of Teachings


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