Recap: Healing Intensive with Hari Nam Singh at Park Slope Brooklyn September 27-28, 2019

“Identity Crisis”

In our world there are many powerful sources of pressure that bear upon people in ways that challenge their identity.  This can happen when the pressure is not coincident with one’s intuitive knowledge and produces an internal separation from what one knows in one’s heart.
Such a challenge can be subtle where one gives up a part of themself for convenience, for a pragmatic march to what is perceived to be a bigger goal or by caving in to an outright onslaught of oppression to conform to a popular “norm”.  An extreme condition may be realized when one perceives that ” I am not myself anymore”.  A more subtle condition can be manifest, with or without personal realization,  by indecision, confusion or depression.
Knowing the self and being oneself unconditionally will completely nullify any tendency for that kind of separation.  It is a central focus of the teachings that have come to us from Yogi Bhajan, our lineage and the Guru.
Many practices, or meditations, deal with this issue directly
(See Meditation: LA877-19960604 – Self Realization,
Meditation: LA950 A00214 20000214 Develop Self-Reliance,
Meditation: NM091 – 19921110 – Self Emboldenment, Engagement, Vision,
Meditation: NM0383-20010213 – Culturing the Self,
Meditation: NM0390-20010320 – Provoke Your Higher Self,
Meditation:  NM0426 – 20011117 – Self Transformation, for example).

The listed examples can help to strengthen one’s identity and possibly prevent illnesses of the soul.  As healers, we are sometimes in a position to help people to heal after the fact.  We can help to mitigate directly the suffering associated with some conditions and perhaps open up to them an awareness of a more productive path to self awareness.

In this intensive, we practiced an approach to healing the soul, the fundamental and transcendent identity of our existence.  Listed below are the meditations we practiced along with audio recordings of the two days of workshops.

September 27 Meditations:

Meditation: LA049 780901 Homeh Bandana Kriya: takes away self-pride and vanity

Meditation:  TCH36-8I-2000724-You and Thou

Meditation:  LA015 780227 – To Bring Swift and Powerful Change

September 28 Meditations:

Meditation: LA049 780901 Homeh Bandana Kriya: takes away self-pride and vanity 

Meditation: NM360-20000913 – Making a Mold – White Hole Mudra

Meditation: NM327-990930 Know Your Heart

Class Audio:

Part 1 – September 27

Part 2 – September 28


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