Will you die like a little worm…


“Will you die like a little worm, burrowed in the earth, where no one, not even a grandchild, will remember you and have thanks? That is a choice. That is why you encounter the mind. That is why you
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The applied mind seeks out the positive mind’s solutions…


“The Applied Mind seeks out the Positive Mind’s solutions, but limits them to what is directly applicable to your goal. In this way it is strong, extremely simple, and achieves results quickly. It also prevents overloading that can occur if
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You have fashions and faculties in your mind…


SSSYWaYou have fashions and faculties in your mind. You fashion is how you decide to look, act, and be; how you want to project your self into the world. You can be a person of spirit, a person of
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When you want to be successful and very convincing…


“When you want to be successful and very convincing, just feel truth in your heart. Be sure. Be confident. Feel the truth in your heart, then speak that truth from the heart. Don’t try to run it around or manipulate
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Infinity in our projection…

SSSYWa“Your common observations and expressions are not realities, and Infinity itself cannot be spoken. This is the normal situation. And there are so many Infinities in our experience. God is Infinity. Love is Infinity. Commitment is Infinity. In every facet … Read the rest

Your soul…

SSSYWa“You have not learned how to depend on the unseen and unlimited within you. Your soul has a fundamental property that when aligned with your mind gives you impact, intelligence, and effectiveness. Its fundamental property is to be saibhang ~ … Read the rest

There is nothing outside of us…

SSSYWa“There’s nothing outside of us. It’s all inside of us. Nanak said if you search outside you are wasting time. It’s inside. When we feel beautiful inside, fulfilled inside, inside our own inside, wow, its so good.” — Yogi Bhajan
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When your flow of thoughts becomes complementary…

Reprinted from a communication by Hari Jiwan Singh “Life with Yogi Bhajan”

Sat Nam Dear Family,

“When your flowSSS20150115 of thoughts becomes complementary, not contradictory, life comes to a state of real relaxation,” the Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan, answered Read the rest

The Magical Story of Mushkil Gusha

ONCE upon a time, not a thousand miles from here, there lived a poor old wood-cutter, who was a widower, and his little daughter. He used to go every day into the mountains to cut firewood which he brought home … Read the rest

Siri Singh Sahib’s First Principle of Success

The First Principle of Success

Siri Singh Sahib ji
You want to know the key to success? Simple – don’t walk on others. Don’t step on others’ toes. Carry others, carry people with you, above you; God shall carry you.… Read the rest

The Five Sutras of the Aquarian Age

1.  Recognize that the other person is you.

2.  There is a way through every block.

3.  When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off.

4. Understand through compassion or you will misunderstand the times.… Read the rest

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