Meditation: NM0406 – Know the Best of You – Share the Best with Others

Yogi Bhajan June 4, 2001, Espanola, NM

Sit straight in a cross-legged position. Extend and stretch the arms upwards   at 60 degree angles, pointing the index fingers and holding the other three fingers with the tumbs. Eyes are closed. Be steady. Stretch your elbows.   Balance the body. Let the spine shake, not the hands.

Chant the “Maha Mrityunjai Mantra” by Alka Yagnik
(Om Tri-ambakham Yaajaa Mahay, Sugandheem Pushteevaadhaanan, Oorvaarookamiv Bandhanaat, Mrityor Mukhshee-aa Maamrootaat).

Continue for [1 to 31 minutes. To end, inhale deeply, hold, and stretch the arms and spine. Make every fiber of the body tight like steel.
Exhale. Repeat 2 times. Relax.

Maha Mrityunjai Mantra

Share the Best with Others
Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D. – June 4th, 2001 – Espanola, NM, USA

As we enter the Aquarian Age, some people are hanging on, some are barely walking and others are dragging their heels. Those who are imaginative and
wonderful are in misery when their ego is not satisfied. Others, whose defects could be overcome by doing sadhana, believe they have a sadhana but do not do it. On one hand they live positively and on the other hand they live with their defects.

This pain in life is self-perpetuating and limitless. You are corrupted before reaching the age of 27. People seeking a mate or a relationship feel they have a right to sex it out. This “sexing it out” can never leave your being. It is not just prostituting the body. To pimp your feelings or your mind is worse than prostitution. How can you forget the deeply embedded memories of entanglement between a man and a woman, or subconsciously wipe them out?  Where do you get the power? Somebody said to me, “I have the habit of being free!” It means having no commitment, no character, no dignity, no divinity, no grace. Free from what?

It is a joy to have children—but without virtues, without values, without training? How many parents share manners for their children to practice? How manny live in a dream world because it is more convenient and pleasant than reality?  How many times do you want to break down the banks of the river and flood the entire population, and think you will have friends? How many times have you insulted people with your bad manners and crude language? How many months has it taken you in your life to find out that you have anger and must get rid of it? How long wiill it be until
you realize you are not the end of the world, you are not the final word and you are not God, but just a human being?  Shine as a light, with a smile, with love and affection, and with compassion. Where there is no love, there is fear.  You have never bothered to discipline yourselves, to do sadhana, and do it like Aradhana to reach Prabhupati. You can be told and told, but will you listen for your sake? There is a new posture, the “Hang In” posture. Hang in and blame  your parents and neighbors. When you blame and blame, you cannot claim anything in life. Without the discipline and
the cleansing effects of sadhana, you do not rise above your body and being. Take time to sit and plan, to feel confident and comfortable. In a life of self-competency, where we leave off comparing and competing, we are respected. Be grateful for what you have. When you are great, you are fulfilled. Have patience and take care of yourself: “T have put three things in this plate: Sat, truth; Santokh, patience; and Vicharo, self-analysis. To this | have added God’s Name, which is like nectar. That is the greatest satisfaction.” — Guru Arjan, Rehiras Sahib

If you have character and commitment, if you remember that God alone has made you, that you are the identity of God, and if you remember “Ang Sang Wah-hay Guroo,” that God is within your every limb, you will be free of
frustrations, anger and game playing.

I asked someone, “You left in the middle of class. What happened?” “T felt that you were talking about me and it made me angry, so | thought I should go.” “Did leaving the class make that something in you leave?” “No. That’s why I came today, to ask you what to do.” “Let the past go. Change your behavior. Smile at everybody, say hello with love and affection, shake hands. The shortest route? Do not satisfy your ego, God will satisfy your soul.”

You like to think you have the right to break the discipline and be obnoxious, but you do not want the consequences.  Just because we have a voice, does not mean that we should yell and scream at people. Show them the way, guide them, hold their hand. Keep the good for yourself} keep the better for tomorrow, and share the best with others.


Meditation: NM0425 – Breath of Life

Yogi Bhajan November 10, 2001, Espanola, NM

The Breath of Life
This meditation is recommended by Guru Dev Singh during this time of the corona virus pandemic.

Total of 25 minutes

First Part

1. Sit straight in a cross-legged position.
2. Hold your hands in Sarab Gyan Mudra, in front of the heart, fingers interlocked with the index fingers pressed very tightly together, extending upwards.
3. Eyes are closed.
4. Meditate on your breath as you do Long Deep Breathing, inhaling and exhaling so deeply and completely that you can hear your own breath. Each breath should be a voluntary, mechanical breath.

Second Part

1. Same posture.
2. Do Long Deep Breathing in rhythm with the mantra: “Sat Naraayan Wah-
hay Guroo, Haree Naraayan Sat Naam,” by Matamandir Singh
3. Inhaling during 1 complete sound cycle (2 repetitions of the mantra, about 20 secs) and exhaling during 1 complete sound cycle (2 repetitions of the mantra).
4. Continue for 11 minutes

Third Part

1. Same posture.
2. Do a powerful Breath of Fire.
3. Continue for 3 minutes, doing your
best during the last minute.
4. To end, inhale deeply, hold and
exhale. Repeat one more time. Relax.

In this meditation you must concentrate on your breath. The moment it starts affecting your metabolism, you start feeling light, then knowledgeable and then your sense of security starts increasing.  You should breathe, not your body!  Meditate deeply on your breath and
increase your self-control.

Sat Narayan Waheguru

See class video and lecture on Library of Teachings

Now we will talk something, very simple and straight and if it doesn’t suit you, it is okay. You was standing, right and you sit down, who sat down?

Student: (….)

(Student’s laughter)

YB: You have become very clever now.

(Student’s laughter)

If you remember, that you stood and you sat, it was not you, you are the most divine person, but you are only remembering it now, you are not going to remember all the time.

(Student’s laughter)

Corruption is in our genes. Though the genetic corruption is, without breath of life is useless, it means death, but still, with our genetic corruption, we think, we are living, that is not true. Breath is living in us, this is a structure, body is a?

Students: Structure.

YB: In which the breath of life lives. Why it lives? Because it has a karama, it has come here at a longitude and latitude, it has collected two parents to do it, it is born, the environments are useful and it goes. Whatever you are getting normally, is already predestined, because your birth is predestined, your parents are predestined, your relatives are predestined, your environment are predestined. Therefore, what you earn here of goodwill, compassion, grace, kindness, lalalala, indiscipline.


Student: Discipline.

YB: If you are a Moslem and you call everybody else non–Moslem, infidel, that is not dharma, that is not religion. If you are a Christian and you call anybody else who is not Christian. No, no, it is not dharma. If you are a Jew and you say, I am the chosen one and everybody else is nothing, it is not dharma. Whenever you reach a saturated point. Whenever?

Students: You reach a saturated point.

YB: You are a dead idiot, not only dead idiot, because your flexibility is gone. Physical flexibility is gone, you are very sick, but when the mental flexibility is gone, you are very, very sick. It doesn’t give you anything. There is nothing, no sin you can commit and there is no nice, graceful, thing you can do, only question is how flexible you are. Ultimately, today, tomorrow, or day after, this body will become stiff, there is no way out. It will consume itself, because the breath of life will not be consumed that’s why Pranayam is way of life. We are not asking that everybody should do yoga, oh it is Eastern thing, it is Western thing. What is Eastern and Western thing? My East is New York, my West is Hawaii, what is East and West? We have made phrases to demarcate ourself and separate ourself from life. This is Chinese, this is Japanese, this is American, this is Canadian, we have marked and divided the world by boundaries and divided the people by signs and symptoms, by language. It is amazing, our life is amazing, we live on one Earth and one Universe and we are not universal. We are not. And the worst thing, which has happened to us is our spirituality. Spirituality has become power, now they are fighting in United States whether there are six million Muslims, or million and a half. They are fighting, if you really want to ask me, I don’t think there are more than two, three Muslims, real ones.

(Student’s laughter)

Whenever I used to go to New York, I used to see Christians, you know there is a big graveyard in New York? Miles long way, with lot of crosses and Jesus and all that stuff, that is the only Christian population, New York has.

(Student’s laughter)

It is permanent, it is there, it is forever. Not to understand compassion, is not to understand God. God is a impulse of expansion and man is a compassionately, understandingly, expanding, how much, you don’t understand, you contract. Then what is the use of life? Will you know each other? No, your whole life, you work hard, you can never know each other, that’s the first law to remember. The only thing you will remember when you are compassionate and so vast like ocean, that everybody else is like a little boat on it. Everybody is a part of you. If you do not understand that everybody is a part of you, then you do not understand who are you. You know on every corner of the road, there is a synagogue, there is a temple, there is a church, there is swamis and yogis and God knows,…. lot of people, lot of teaching, libraries are full, organization are so many, it is unbelievable. But nobody is there to tell you, you are a idiot. They don’t, they don’t want to. Because the problem is, not that they don’t want to say you are a idiot, if they say you are a idiot then you will say okay, make me non idiot, that is where they get stuck. In the name of Christ, from the pulpit, there are so many lectures you won’t believe it, but He went for a fast, do they go? Have they practiced anything which His life has left in living? Anything? No. It is not possible. We have come to go. Have we prepared ourself for going, we are always ready for coming. Coming is important, going is not, go, we must, know we must and the most important thing is show we must, that we are ready to go, if you understand that you will never fight with anybody. You will never hate anybody, you will not squeeze, it is very difficult for you then to separate yourself from the universe at total large, you must.

I have seen in my life, people who are very, very fanatically, religious and then all of a sudden, they break and there is nothing. Because, when they were religious, they were very, very, squeezed into themself, they were not vast. Religion is a reality, which is very vast. You identity yourself with religion that doesn’t mean you are special. That means you are general, that means you will hug those who do not deserve to be hugged. You misunderstand the meaning of religion. Religion is your own reality, deep in you, there is a reality. You may see things, happening around you, which you don’t like, you can politely protest. When I came to United States, I had a great chance to meet with many great people and I used to laugh, I say, you are already great, what do you want out of me? But they had different greatness, they have greatness of wealth, there are greatness of beauty, they were power, they were this, they were everything, but themselves. And I understood, leaving Hollywood and being worshipped by these people is useless, because they have a habit, they have a emptiness, they are hungry for spiritual growth, they don’t want to work for their spirit. They can’t.

I once asked one lady, I said, “Do you know how much wealth you have got?”

She said, “I can call my head accountant.”

I said, “You do not know how wealthy you are?”

She said, “No, I have never bothered, I don’t know how wealthy I am, all I know, I want to spend money and I get it.”

I said, “Do you know how many dresses you have got?”

She said, “Well, there is one switch, if you start, that you know that laundry roller?”

(Student’s laughter)

Around that whole house, there was ten feet wide laundry roller on which dresses were hanging, she has to put a computer number and press the button and that dress will come, so she can take it out.

I counted the lady has seventeen fur coats, different colors.

“Did you ever wear them?”


She said, “Why you are asking me these questions?”

I said, “You sit down, you will fall, when I explain to you.”

She said, “I’ll like to know why you are asking these questions?”

I said, “You even do not know who you are, that is a separate question, you do not know how much you have. If you do not know how much you have on this Earth, hereafter what you have, you do not know at all, is there something for over there? You got to go, do you have something?”

She said, “Where I am going, I am not going anywhere.”

I said, “You are going, one day, you will go.”

“Okay, explain to me, okay I’ll agree, if you explain to me.”

I said, “How many poor people you have fed? How many poor people you have clothed? How many birds you have fed, forget about human? How many birds you have fed? How many trees you have planted? How many times, you have fasted?”

She said, “Is it necessary to fast?”

I said, “Yes, to give body a break, you should fast, once a while, not eat.”

(Student’s laughter)

“Oh that is fasting?”

I said, “Yes.”

(Student’s laughter)

I mean, she didn’t know the meaning, what is fasting is. Is that a life?

“Why we should fast?”

I said, “That gives us stamina, that gives us control on our hunger. That’s why we fast.”

Self control is the way of life, a sharing your own life with your self is the way of life. Closing your eyes and meditating is self-control, trying to calm down yourself. You can fight with your mind better than otherwise. These are simple things, people don’t understand them.

There was a very beautiful psychiatrist, he was my student when I used to teach in UCLA, he was all the time upset. He was upset with his car, he was upset with his home, he was upset with his wife, he was upset with the children.

I asked him, he says, “It’s my habit.”

“You are reaching end of your life, your blood pressure is high, you sometime even lose your consciousness and still you are upset?”

He said, “I don’t know how to stop it.”

I said, “Well, lie down on a place, for ten, fifteen minutes and close your eyes and breathe long and deep.”

He got totally cured, totally and he told me, “That was the easiest medicine, I ever had.”

I said, “It is always there.”

When you do not know what to do, just take long, deep, breath, because your life is based on the breath. Shorter the breath, worse you are, long is the breath, best you are. Recently, there is a problem, there is a girl who is in love and things are not happening right, you know what I mean? Love does that, lot of passion, lot of feeling, lot of this, lot of thinking and these are the signs of lovers, no eating…

(Student’s laughter)

Just negative to everything and this philosophizing everything and they talk very high and they do not where ground is, oh, my eyes,…oh I see him, I see him, I see him.

(Student’s laughter)

So it goes on like that. So one day, she called and she said, “I am in too much pain, things are not happening right.”

I said, “Count your breath per minute.”

Thirty-five, thirty-five breath per minute. Normal is fifteen and well-balanced person breathes ten times a minute. And if you are really a practitioner and you want to be prosperous, then you have to breath within seven and nine, less than that, you are a yogi. If you want things to be done for you and you don’t have to do anything, then you must breathe from one to five, six breaths, per minute. If you can practice that, then you can attract the universe for you, it is no secret, it’s a simple thing. Longer and deeper breath is, your psyche attracts everything for you, that’s a way to prosperity. There are some people who are failure, everything fail, this thing no, this thing can’t. Give them ten breath a minute, meet them after two, three years, they will be so prosperous and so beautiful, because sense of communication changes. There is a fear in your voice, if you can eliminate that, you can be surely prosperous. If you are wealthy you will enjoy wealth. Because the living psyche is part of you and that decides everything. I know a person, he is a counselor, you know what he does? He put a person in a chair and tell him do, burrrrrrrrrrrr, after half an hour, person get tired of that, but the person is so relaxed. When you hate somebody, you do this, brrrrrrrrrrruuuuu, don’t you do that, he makes people do this. Nothing else and they get so relaxed, so tired, sometime they burrrrr.

(Student’s laughter)

Their lives have changed, I asked him, “But you are supposed to counsel them?”

He said, “Counsel with what?”

They are buuuurrr their whole life, so I made them to do openly and clearly, so that they may get tired of it, moment it will get tired, they sleep and when they get up, they are very new people and slowly and gradually, they are building their self. Constantly, you are fighting, you are sitting, you are fighting, you are eating, you are fighting, you are fighting, with everything. And you think by yelling and screaming and raising your voice and attacking something you are going to get something, no, you should never alert the psyche of another person, doesn’t matter what. Never, ever, challenge the psyche of another person, it is the frequency of the another person more than two point, God is going to get you forever there is no need. If God has made you to be, then to be, to be, you want to know something? Practice it, if somebody is very rude and crude with you, just laugh.

(Student’s laughter)

You look so, just make it up, just see, how miserable the other person feels, how much do they enjoy it. Because that anger, that projection, that rejection, that self, will all come out in one big blast. And you laugh little more they say, shut up what you are doing you are mocking at me, bah-bah-bah, then the dog will come in, bouboubou…

(Student’s laughter)

We are human or dogs? Our intelligence, our sophistication, is the key to our living. You know this Clinton’s wife, what is her name?

Student: Hillary.

YB: Hillary went on South America’s tour right and she found out that they all have one type of hair style and when she went to Argentina or some place, they dressed her like, you know, South American woman, she felt, that day very comfortable.

Somebody asked her a question, “What was it?”

She said, “I felt very together. Your dress, your everything, affects you.”

She didn’t have long hair, but they put pins and everything and made her look like, their biggest sport is horse-riding. What we do, when we fight with our husband, we take the car, go fifty miles. Northern America has different life style, Southern America has different lifestyle, they are still with the Earth more than anything else. You see their homes, they have all big walls, outside and inside there is a garden. In Mexico, I went to somebody’s house, watch this, we went from one wall, there was servant quarters, then we went to another wall, there was a garden, then we went to third wall, there was a private garden, then were a house and there was inside the whole garden, what a living. We have apartments here, we must understand, our life is for expansion and it will expand. Up to death, it will keep on expanding whether we use it or not. If we use our life it will expand beautifully, it will benefit us beautifully, it will make us comfortable beautifully, but you can’t stop expansion, you were born like this, and you keep on growing.

Old age without wisdom, youth without success and childhood without smile, is worthless. Children must smile, youth must succeed and old age must be wise. These are the criteria’s to which a man has to grow, religiously. Self-expansion cannot stop, it keep on growing and without meditation, mind cannot be used, it becomes crooked. It has no boundaries then. And who is your first enemy and first friend? Your own mind. Your mind work in your sleep, it work in your awaking, it works all the time. And when you don’t meditate, it has no direction. It is a car, which can hit any pole. You use certain words, which I’ll like to remind you, don’t disturb me, now who the hell are you, disturb, you are already disturbed, don’t disturb me.

(Student’s laughter)

Somebody wants to talk to you, don’t disturb me, I am not in a good mood, I am just telling you, your idiot-ness, I am not in a good mood, how rude it is, that you are not in good mood. You are a human being. If somebody comes to talk to you, how worst it is you are supposed to see and meet head on and receive, learn, to receive the psyche of another human being, don’t see the body. See the projection of energy. If you cannot see God in all, you cannot see God at all. You can only see God in all, if you know, you have a God. God meets the God, devil doesn’t meet the God.

Let us meditate. Please put your index fingers like this, at the center of you, inhale deep, exhale deep, you must inhale deep and exhale deep that you can hear your own breath, forget about the neighborhood. Every breath should be volunteer breath, mechanical breath and you must hear the sound of your breath. Index fingers must be joined together and must be totally pressed with all the energy you have. Just on your breath. Lunch will be served, that’s good.

November twenty–four, you have a Tantric yoga, wow. You must understand that few minutes of just controlling your breath and meditating on it can give you more than you can expect in life. You can’t buy it, you have to do it. Hear your own breath. Put that tape in low tone, ‘Hari Narayana Sat Nam.’

Tape is played in the class….

(Over the tape) Within one complete sound you must breath once long and deep let it go. Concentrate on breath. By now it should start changing your metabolism. Moment you start attracting your metabolism, then you will start feeling light. After feeling light you will fee that you are knowledgeable and your sense of security will start improving. You will learn that you are beautiful if you don’t speak. And if you speak you must speak wise and for that you need the courage, self-confidence, sweetness. In the beginning there was a word, word was with God and word was God. Therefore every word you speak, it affects each one of us. You should breathe, not your body. Meditate deeply on your breath and exercise your self-control. It is very fortunate categorically to get together to do some spiritual practices and that give you multiple growth.

(Over the tape) Restart the breath of fire, now from the navel, honestly, if you can do the Breath of Fire, you will never misunderstand, life is beautiful. From the navel.

Breath of Fire will burn out everything, which can be a future disease to your lungs, it is so powerful. Any disease and many diseases are there which have to come, move the navel, you will not have any disease of the belly. It is not harmful, it is very useful. It is super, oxygenates your blood. Move your body, move the ribcage, where your soul is captured in. Move it little bit. It is called last run. Now in this breath of life, breath of fire, you have to use force. You have to use your alertness, you have to use your concentration. You have to make this day worth. People still who practice Sat Kriya are not sick. After thirty years, there is a gentleman who does it for thirty one minutes everyday, lives in a concrete jungle, there are lot of work, he is happy and together, no problem. You have a minute and half left, try your best. Try, try, watch is moving. Come on, put pressure on your navel point, help it out. Arey, this is your private matter, absolutely, inclusively, yours. Inhale deep, deep, deep, deep, hold. Exhale. Inhale again, deep, deep, deep, deep, relax.

End of the tape.

You did well. This is first time, I think, everybody tried to breathe Breath of Fire and mostly I think you have forgotten. I wonder, you do not know the beauties of those Kriyas, which you have been given in the last thirty-three years, they are great. I worked at the cost of my health, because don’t forget that for twenty-five years, I never sat and there was no regular life but running from one place to another and one congregation to another. We built up a knowledgeable community. I have failed, I have not built up a practicing community, I tried, I try my best. But what you know is more than what you know, simply, you have to digest it now. It is not a matter of the idea to put you on Saturday here, that I’ll be leaving soon still I want Saturday you should come and gather together and practice, pure for yourself. If you do not spread this knowledge and do not serve people, you will be guilty, it is not a matter of people, it is not a matter of being recognized, the benefit of it will recognize. These days, yoga is very popular, it’s a trend, it is just, they have done everything, they have taken Prozac and they have taken everything, it didn’t work. They have counsels, psychologies, psychiatry, what is not that is not available, but what is there is which is not for self and if the self start working, it will take care of things. There is nothing more important than yourself. There is no God but you, you have to change the frequency of your psyche and change the degree of your expansion consciousness and you have to understand the behavior of compassion. Arey, what you want that hundred times can come. Don’t live beggar’s life, I want this, I want this, I want this, it doesn’t work. I can tell you of my experience.

I have been a dirt poor, twice in my life and each time I was very rich to start with. Then I enjoyed. You won’t believe me, in Toronto, when I found there is a vegetarian pizza, there was no more joy than I can explain to you in words, I could eat, I go to any restaurant and I say, I want a soup, they say, Oh no, sir, there is a chicken in it. What they call, chicken something?

Student: (….)

YB: Yeah, and I say, can you just make it for me without it?

They say, “No, our formula, we don’t know anything else.”

Don’t be temperamentally poor and live like a beggar, give me this, give me this, God give me this…

God will give you, what He has to give you, His computer never fails.

I came here with thirty-five dollars and I have left you with millions and millions of dollars, but I have left it to you. I never brought anything and I am not going to take anything. But now you know to act responsibly. You have to act consciously. That is, multiply, not making babies multiply. That is multiply. Work, be more successful in businesses, make more money and help more people. Give them a space of peace and tranquility and grace. Let people trust you. That can only happen, if you trust yourself. There is no worth, if you don’t have your own worth on this Earth. You know, the power in you is a thought, just feel fulfilled. All the time, God give me this, God give me that…

God says, what is wrong with this guy? Ah? God gives you everything, question is, God doesn’t have your ways, God is Infinity and vastness, you are limited and small. It doesn’t work.

What different it makes if you are poor and what different it makes you are rich, if you are not tried to help somebody? If you do not develop the habit of a forklift, you are worst than any tool on this planet. Go like a fork-lift, lift somebody up, anybody. No obligation. Put somebody on the trail, let somebody move, let things move. Feel happy about it, that is a happiness, you will be rewarded for it.

I saw that day on television, one of the biggest thing, I cried and laughed. A Afghani child was saying every time the plane comes, sometime they drop food, sometime they drop pamphlet and sometime they brought bombs, we are very confused. We are not confused, we know, we have to feed two and half million people. We know that we have to educate them that fanaticism doesn’t work. We have to tell them, that pain begets pain. This is a very strange war, which you are fighting. It is not a war between countries, it’s a war between the haves and have-nots.

I told you, in 1972, there will be a war between haves and have-nots. And this is the war. It is not the World Trade Center you have lost, you were told that your happiness is not tolerable. You cannot enjoy prosperity. There is a network in this world, which is working fanatically, on this issue. You have to live alert, that freedom, we used to enjoy is gone. But still you have to live, you need sobriety, you need self control now, you need consciousness and you need to live in that peace and tranquility within yourself. Every sometime there will be a one mile long line and you need to stand. Your need for that patience. Well now you all…..

Here comes the dinner and lunch together, I think.

(Student’s laughter)

It is all mixed up.

The class sings: May the long tine sunshine upon you….

The class chants: Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat Naam.

Blessed are those who bless themself, gracious are those who understand their own grace, kind are those who are kind to themselves and their being and their surrounding and virtuous are those who feel the entire universe belongs to them and they belong to the universe by itself. May your Creator God, guide you to these aspects of life so that you can live in peace and grace.

Sat Nam.



Meditation: LA673-19910205- Third Chakra


Yogi Bhajan – Los Angeles February 5,1991


  1. Sit with a straight spine, chin in, chest out.
  2. Eyes are focused at the tip of the nose.
  3. Hands are in Prayer Pose; every part of the hand meets in balance, the palms and the fingers meet exactly; feel every part of the hand.
  4. The base of the mudra is in front of the Solar Plexus, not touching the chest; the forearms are parallel to the floor.
  5. Chant Humee Hum Brahm Hum (meaning “We are We, We are God”) using the tip of the tongue.
  6. The hands pulse like the heartbeat; that is, they press together as the Navel Point is pulled in.
  7. Two pulses of the Navel Point for every repetition of the mantra; pull the Navel Point on Humee Hum and a second time on Brahm Hum.

To End:

  1. Inhale and pull the navel up and in; press the tip of the tongue to the upper palate and concentrate.
  2. Exhale. Repeat twice more.

Humee Hum Brum Hum


I caught you letting you see me. I have, is it okay. I have no choice but to speak in my high voice or I shall never be in a position to speak forever so, choice is not with me anymore. This thing is not improving, but they say in six weeks, voice will come back to normal, so I have publicly decided, no more cheating.

(Students laughs)

There is a problem, what I know nobody knows, so actually the idea was in my last mile of life I should leave the knowledge, for record, you may enjoy it or not or you are going to do it or not, that’s not my problem. You know, I go out through everyday through lot of hassles, dealing with people is very difficult problem, people have their phenomena’s, their facets, their projections, their insecurities, lot of fears, that’s the way this whole world is, angry, upset, because third Chakra is not balanced, third Chakra is in life, yes or no, high and low is balanced at third Chakra, is a point of pure energy, if you do not know to balance third Chakra, you may have all the degrees, all the knowledge, all the money, all the beauty, you shall guaranteedly be unhappy, because it is not what you feel, it is not what you know, it is not what you can do, it is how you can balance it.

When you cannot balance, you cannot live, think of a car which drives out of balance, and watch out how long there shall not be accident, our life is full of accidents and incidents. Majority of the accident we don’t want, but they do happen, when things happen beyond us, it is when we have not balanced them. Now you think, I can balance, right, not true, this is how the human brain works, as you hear you should balance it, as you say you should balance it, you can’t do this later on. So the body and the capacity of the body has to balance it, maybe I am teaching this very secret science, God doesn’t want it, He said, “All right, shut him up, that’s the only reason I can pick it out,” but we are actually telling you the secrets which we won’t read in books.

The inner bone has three bones, the inner ear, there are two bones and, one hammer on both sides, what I say you don’t hear it, it is that not, not, not, which brain picks up and translates it in the center of understanding. Center of understanding, in our body, nervously is controlled by the navel point. So your eyes, ears, and tongue, throat, is controlled by navel point, whatever you hear, whatever you see, and whatever you say, is controlled by this navel point. If navel point is little up, diarrhea, if it is little down constipation, if it is on the left side, gas, if it is right side (?) and all it has do is one millimeter, one millimeter. If the navel point is one millimeter off your entire digestive system, your feelings, what should I say, you are not you, then you go the Doctor take the medicine, what medicine is that, which suppresses it, that symptom nerve system, calms it down, but it doesn’t go away, then it shows up, have you seen that sometime, sometime your this arm hurts, sometime this shoulder hurts, sometime this.

Eighty percent of headaches are because of the navel point, eighty percent, ninety percent you get tired because of the navel point, but still, this, there is no point, there is only, it used to be when you were a child all energy came through it, you didn’t have the breath of life. Something, which sustains you without breath of life, something which nurtures you to be a human without breath of life, is it dead? No, it’s alive, your entire nervous system is controlled by it, “What did you say?”

The other person say, “You heard me.”

“Yeah!, but I don’t understand,” navel imbalance, you hear but you don’t hear, what was that, you see you didn’t see, sometime have you talked to people, they say something, you say, “What? What are you saying?” There is no juice in it. In normal language we say, “Guts.”

We are going to work today and tomorrow on this Chakra. About the Geography of it, I will say in my language, you can read it in the book, doesn’t make much of it, it has that many petals, it has that many sounds, this is what it is? Then what? If you know something Geographically, but you do not know what it is and how to use it, you can’t use it, it doesn’t mean to say, so we are creating a relationship today, with it. The tape I am going to play with it, “Humee Hum Brahmhum” we are we and we are God’s, you understand, it’s very good beat, the words are very simple, but you will speak these words.

Watch me, “Humee Hum Brahmhum” “Humee Hum Brahmhum”, “Humee Hum Brahmhum.” you will speak, you will be worst than me, (?) because you don’t have practice, but maybe after thirty-one minutes, now, nobody is perfect on this, it took me about year and a half, I think, about eight, one year and about eight months, to do what I will do now. I think, when a child is born, as he walks or trained for potty, he should be trained to adjust third Chakra, it’s so important, but the tragedy of it is there is a tragedy. Tragedy is if you do not know how to balance and your third Chakra automatically do not balance you, you can’t do it later, game is over, that’s the tragedy of it.

Awaken the Kundalini, do the whole thing, that doesn’t mean anything in real words, I mean if I want to sell you something I will say, ‘awaken the Kundalini, ‘I am the Mahan Tantric, come to me, I will (?) give me fifty thousand dollars,’ that won’t work. Awaken Kundalini means, all hundred facets of pressure, are automatically balanced by you, then serious things are balanced, then you play around, you have no worry, you don’t care, you enjoy life, you concentrate, you are intuitive, you know it, it is not like a watch, you have to wind the third Chakra and the spring is full, and then you can enjoy it, this doesn’t work that way, it has to be invoked, initiated, and it has to be automatic, it’s a real work, what is the benefit? Benefit is, you can’t be beaten, once it is on. What is the tragedy? Tragedy is you will remain fully, it doesn’t know what you do.

In Psychology, we work on anger, childhood anger, this, that, guts, so many things, we try to make theories. In medical science we work on systems, you know physical, mental, some diseases are psychologically physical, some diseases are physically causing psychology problem. Now let us talk about religion. If you are religion, but doesn’t matter which religion you are, I don’t care you know, they all, all are brands, it doesn’t make sense to me, ever, from day one. But whatever your religion is, if it does not make you Infinite, that you can love, and you can be free, and you can be happy and you can be you, I don’t know which religion it is? Religion means, you become real. I am known as a religious man, I am or I am not, that’s not my problem, but take me anywhere, I won’t dress up like this, I will wear blue jean, you know, no, no, no, no, no, I am telling you and open chest shirt.

(Students laugh)

No, no, I did it once, I am telling you, and I will wear some funny shoes, take me there, in one minute they will realize I am religious man, one minute, it won’t take more than sixty seconds. It is not that I am religious man, not at all, my very presence is religious, you talk to me anything, playboy, this boy, that boy, you will find me always turning you around, to letting you understand, there is a higher self, it’s not that I don’t joke, it’s not that I am cut throat humorist, I make jokes on everything, with few people with whom I am very free, or where I feel I am educating, not that I am prisoner of war because somebody ego is projecting and I have to defend myself, because people who come to me are just like glass, little rub, crack. So you have to be very compassionate and keep them in a very kind situation.

First of all, when a person enters I know from the aura, whether person is coming or a fraud is coming or a, deer is coming or elephant is coming, you know I don’t have a problem with that. Rarely who human walks in to me, you know, so you understand I am handicapped, put yourself in my position, you will commit suicide, really I have to tell an idiot, how happy I am to see him, how beautiful I am to see him, how marvelous it is, what I am trying to actually do it, to bring balance in his third center so, his arc line maybe human, before I can talk, you don’t understand my tragedy, I am a born blind man, all I see is arc line aura and bah, bah, bah, and what I see, I compute at a spontaneous time, now tell me if you see somebody as Mr. A and you feel him as Mr. Z how you will deal with it. But I have a mission to accomplish, that’s a mission of delivery, sometime we discuss, sometime things with some people, there is a one student of mine, we have been discussing this it from last three years,

He said, “Sir, draw the line.”

I said, “Where? World is an ocean, you draw the line on water what that means?”

One day he was arguing for about two hours, very convincing, he read the books, he read the American history, he read even Indian books, he even quoted Guru Gobind Singh, ‘draw the line,’ I just, in the end said, “Do you believe in God?”

He said “Yes!”

“Do you know anything about God?”

He said, “Little bit.”

I said, “When He draw the line.”

He said, “I said, if God cannot draw the line,

‘Rukh Ruuaan Ki Rozi Na Taarey.’

This is, I said, “Guru Gobind Singh” God doesn’t get angry with anybody, God doesn’t take revenge from anybody, God doesn’t deny any, one who denies another person, has nothing to do with God. Denial is not God, but where is the courage in us to accept, that whole thing, here, at the third center, we can be totally unique, perfect, our presence can work, we can be beautiful without any setup and charm, if we have our third center working for us, they say it is dormant, I agree with it, it is dormant and we are dormant, you know what we do, we do something, you know for what, to live, to survive, we do nothing to enjoy life, tell me what you do? Anybody can tell me?

Is there anything you do to enjoy life, because none of you has a balanced observation, you cannot observe and think and then balance, you have to be there, well, wait a minute, you take honey, you get the taste spontaneously, you take red chilies, you take the taste (?), so is the life, you take the taste of life spontaneously, does it run in brain, no, does it run in hips, no, does it run by the skin and the sensors, no, balance is observed at the third center, brain only multi, magnifies it, do you understand.

Today and tomorrow, I will work on it, if we have to work little more than what we could spend another week, I want you to honestly understand, once in lifetime, what I am talking. I know, you do not know what I am talking. You touch here there is a little one point, it was once a place, it was okay, it never gets sick, no pimple on it, why should we bother about it, it doesn’t bother us, we should not bother it, that’s the attitude. Actually, without the activity of this point, everybody lives in a dungeon. Life means nothing, then we have a substitute, sensations, drama, trauma, problems, magnitude, mind, we play games, you know why we are slave to our mind, because our this third point doesn’t balance life, so then we start thinking, why?

Why, it’s as high as sky, there is no answer to that, why, it’s a run, it’s a blind run, everybody’s life is a blind run, I can say it, because I have experience of it. It is such a run that you can’t stop, is this run essential? No. Needed? No. What is it? It’s a waste of time. You want to do it the hard way or the soft way, come on, how you are ready? Hard way will be difficult, you are Americans you know, let us do slowly, right. Hard way is to make the Mool Bandh, root lock, and then do it, that’s very damn difficult, but it’s enjoyable, it’s very sensual, now you are ready, hah, hah, I know you.

(Students laugh)

I can persuade you, the way I want it, but actually let’s do it scientifically, slowly, see what it is? Balance your hand in such a way that every part of the hand, palm, fingers, meet exactly in balance, and put a pressure there, exactly as, as it to pressure the nerve at the navel point. Navel point and this pressure will play just like a heart beat, this pressure will be like this, like this, I am doing on the sides, so you can see me, you will keep it here, and both hand will press, when you press the navel and, and with the tip of the tongue, you will chant. You are going to do three things, your hand will press like a beat of the heart, by your will, your navel will be pulled in, by your will, with the press of the hands, and your tip of the tongue will talk, “Humee Hum” this is how you will all talk, “Humee Hum Brahm Hum” it will look weird, but don’t worry, in the long run you will open up, okay, understand? Make the spine straight please and balance your hand exactly in a way that you can feel every part of the hand, and then let’s do it, okay.

(Tape, “Humee Hum Brahm Hum” is played.

YB: (Over the tape) You will have a fun tonight.

Side B

(Tape, “Humee Hum Brahm Hum” is played.)

(Tape stops)

Inhale, inhale and now pull the navel and press the tip of the tongue and concentrate, let it go, now, again, inhale deep consciously, hold the breath, now pull the navel inward and the tip of the tongue, let it go, now if you have not done it twice right, do it this time, inhale deep, deep, now steady, pull the navel in, press the tongue tip tongue, hard, relax.

I did not let you go through it, it’s a part of your life, now, we did it, just assess yourself, don’t bother, you are not going to tell anybody anything, just feel. It is such a quick difference you can feel, you don’t have to convince anybody, that Infinity, that God, that Purity, that power, that pure power is in your navel point, you can’t buy it, you can’t sell it and I cannot give you, you cannot take it, but I will give a technological knowledge, through which you can initiate it, so it’ll start working for you, what that will mean ultimately, I am not saying that there will be no problems, I am not saying there will be no rush, I am not saying that there will not scandals, I am not saying anything, but you will be untouched.

You can sit like a lotus, in the muddy waters and enjoy life, that is the power of the third Chakra, it keeps you instant, Infinite, experience of your life, no time can measure it, no waste. There are lot of things in life, but there is nothing like this. Now, for five minutes we pray for peace, and there is a tape, right, and we will sing it with our heart, for five minutes. Now listen, if a American is dying, or if a Iraqi is dying, death is death, and war is war, you can contribute and participate in that war, giving your prayer for peace and who knows who’s prayer will work, all that guy has to get out of (?) and save his skin, that’s all it is, he doesn’t, he didn’t know, he, I believe it.

Why we want war? We want to test it out. I tell you why we went to war, I mean forget about American politics. We went to war, to test it out, whether our new billions of dollar war machine works or not, and poor guy invited us, that’s all it is.

(Students laugh)

Who is going to go and live in a rock, tell me, anybody of you? No, it is not true, but we have to test it out what we have, he offered the opportunity, they are never going to have ground war, are you kidding, what for? They can nail him right from the sky, why should they bother, everybody band together, you know why? British want to test their war machine, even the French, who I never understood, will ever join, they are testing their own aeroplanes or they are sending the message to Russia, your MiGs are no good, this is not a war, it’s a human tragedy, there is nothing in this war.

You know what will happen in real war, where we will conquer Iraq, liberate Kuwait, then we built up Iraq, then we will believe, without Iraq there is no balance in that area, first we will beat it, then will nurture it, first we destroy all the bridges then we will built it, this is, this is what we do with Japan, this we did with the Korea, this is what we did with Formosa, this is what, oh Germany we spend everything there. So, world has learnt, when they want to be rich and great, they pick up war with us.

(Students laugh)

Really, that’s the American way. First beat a heck out of them, then built them up. Japan is no bigger than the human pancreas, it’s just a little thing, he is giving us the money, can you believe that. Germany waged two world wars, now that is our ally, friend. We guard its borders, we do everything, we give him everything and they are having a fun, they are not worried, now they say, because of two world wars we are not joining it, period. When war will be over, we will send the engineers to built it up, which American way is. But you know, human tragedy is a human tragedy, let’s pray in our own way, you know as exactly we want to pray.

(Tape, “Ang Sang Wahe Guru…” is played)

(Tape stops)

Our prayer is, that with each atom of their life God is, that’s what we are projecting, where wherever they are, near or far, whatever the status is good or bad, God be with them, that is the prayer, the feeling of oneness. Just imagine you are there in that desert, first imagine that, that’s what the imagination is useful. Imagine being there, imagine being with these people and then feel and pray, that God be with them, the total of them, with all of them, thank you. “May the long time Sunshine upon you.”

Students sing: May the long time Sunshine upon you…

YB: God, Almighty bless us, bless all these people, give them comfort and peace, be with them in life and death, bring peace to the Earth, that’s our prayer, give us the strength to pray, give us the strength to be, give us the strength to elevate ourself, Sat Nam. We will meet tomorrow again, thank you.

Today: “We have to understand the basic fundamental existence of ours—to understand the spirit.” Yogi Bhajan

“We have to understand the basic fundamental existence of ours—to understand the spirit. Once you understand the spirit you are all right.” Yogi Bhajan

Meditation: NM0415 – 20010910 – Karma & Dharma

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Recap: Healing Intensive with Hari Nam Singh at Park Slope Brooklyn September 27-28, 2019

“Identity Crisis”

In our world there are many powerful sources of pressure that bear upon people in ways that challenge their identity.  This can happen when the pressure is not coincident with one’s intuitive knowledge and produces an internal separation from what one knows in one’s heart.
Such a challenge can be subtle where one gives up a part of themself for convenience, for a pragmatic march to what is perceived to be a bigger goal or by caving in to an outright onslaught of oppression to conform to a popular “norm”.  An extreme condition may be realized when one perceives that ” I am not myself anymore”.  A more subtle condition can be manifest, with or without personal realization,  by indecision, confusion or depression.
Knowing the self and being oneself unconditionally will completely nullify any tendency for that kind of separation.  It is a central focus of the teachings that have come to us from Yogi Bhajan, our lineage and the Guru.
Many practices, or meditations, deal with this issue directly
(See Meditation: LA877-19960604 – Self Realization,
Meditation: LA950 A00214 20000214 Develop Self-Reliance,
Meditation: NM091 – 19921110 – Self Emboldenment, Engagement, Vision,
Meditation: NM0383-20010213 – Culturing the Self,
Meditation: NM0390-20010320 – Provoke Your Higher Self,
Meditation:  NM0426 – 20011117 – Self Transformation, for example).

The listed examples can help to strengthen one’s identity and possibly prevent illnesses of the soul.  As healers, we are sometimes in a position to help people to heal after the fact.  We can help to mitigate directly the suffering associated with some conditions and perhaps open up to them an awareness of a more productive path to self awareness.

In this intensive, we practiced an approach to healing the soul, the fundamental and transcendent identity of our existence.  Listed below are the meditations we practiced along with audio recordings of the two days of workshops.

September 27 Meditations:

Meditation: LA049 780901 Homeh Bandana Kriya: takes away self-pride and vanity

Meditation:  TCH36-8I-2000724-You and Thou

Meditation:  LA015 780227 – To Bring Swift and Powerful Change

September 28 Meditations:

Meditation: LA049 780901 Homeh Bandana Kriya: takes away self-pride and vanity 

Meditation: NM360-20000913 – Making a Mold – White Hole Mudra

Meditation: NM327-990930 Know Your Heart

Class Audio:

Part 1 – September 27

Part 2 – September 28


Recap: Healing and Meditation Workshop at Yoga West with Hari Nam Singh 2019-08-07 – Integrating Perception with Experience with Reality

Integrating Perception with Experience with Reality

In our healing, we rely on the totality of our undifferentiated (non-dualistic) experience to produce the aspect of mind that manifests our healing intentions.  We call that aspect the projective meditative mind, or simply, shuniya.  What brings that experience to us is the reality of our perception, pure and unaffected.  Pure perception is pure experience, is pure reality.  Unfettered, the experience of reality forms the integral perception, where our intentions interact with the reality to make our intentions reality.

Fundamentally, our perceptive field is integral to our experience.  Even so, we tend to separate the various phenomena that we witness and feel from the experience of witnessing and feeling them.  In our mental processes we hold various biases and prejudices about an experience,  for some purpose of describing the experience in a detached way.   It’s as if we objectify the experience and hold it in our memory or other historical catalog for the purpose of recalling it for some future application or use.

If we examine this tendency and the separation that it brings, it becomes apparent that a fabricated experiential object of this sort will inevitably interfere with the full appreciation of the future experience to which it is intended to apply.  So, it is useful to free the mind from encumbrances that serve to distract from pure experience in the moment.

The healing space, shuniya, includes the totality of experience.  When experienced as a whole, all of the information contained in that experience is allowed to express reality.

In our workshop we performed three kriyas, or meditative exercises, which have the effects of putting aside bias and judgement, telescoping our perception to infinity, and practicing reading the space from its phenomena.

Meditation: LA004 780109 Experience the Experience

Meditation: LA082-790123 Telescopic Infinity

Meditation: M061b-19901124 – Know the structure of the mind

Now, hear the lecture and instructions for the healing exercises from the Workshop.


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Recap: Healing and Meditation Workshop at Yoga West with Hari Nam Singh 2019-05-03 – The Projective Meditative Mind Part 2

The Projective Meditative Mind part 2

We held a workshop at Yoga West on May 3, 2019.  In this class, we stabilized and developed the projective meditative mind.

In our healing tradition, healing begins when we can adjust our awareness to a specific aspect that we call the projective meditative mind.  Other names for this are shuniya and the sacred space.  Once we stabilize that position of awareness, we begin to relate with the patient (event) in a way that produces healing in the event.  We call the aspect projective because in that position of awareness our intention becomes projective, in that it manifests in our relation with the event.  Our intention to heal impacts the relation.

Literally, shuniya describes an aspect of mind that is empty.  Not void as in nothing, as there is always activity in the mind, rather empty of any tendency to move or direct the experience.  Sitting in shuniya, our mind  allows the flow of our experience without interfering with it or imposing any bias or preconception onto the experience.  See Milarepa’s Song to Lady Palderboom.  Shuniya is a most profound state of being.  It is most effective for healing.

Arriving at this awareness is not an accident.  Nor is it likely that we should recognize it without preparing the mind with certain exercises, or kriyas.  Of the many kriyas that come from the tradition of Kundalini Yoga, many deal directly with the development of shuniya.

If we could arrive at shuniya by thinking it or by verbal instruction, we would.  Instead, we allow our practice of the kriyas to instruct our mind subtly.  The kriya tricks our mind into moving our awareness toward shuniya, giving us a direct experience of being empty.  With the repetition of kriyas, we practice accessing that place in our awareness, ultimately allowing us to stabilize it at will.

In this workshop, we performed two meditations.
Meditation: LA950 A00214 20000214 Develop Self-Reliance
Meditation: KYB117-19860822 – Achieve an Experience of God

Instability in the meditative mind comes from several sources, among them doubt, fear, unconfidence, insecurity and preconceived beliefs and prejudices about the forms of perception that are presented to us by our sensory experience.  Our sensory field includes everything we feel, physical, emotional and otherwise, all ideas and thoughts.

Practicing the first meditation offers us a chance to rely on our perceptions without question or judgment, as they are.  It connects us with the sacred energy known as prikirti.  Prikirti helps us to transcend any struggle with accepting our perception as reality without adding anything to it.  We can direct our attention to the flow of perception without agitation, anxiety, or  distraction.  We can then abandon tendencies for interrupting the flow and any other self-motivated movement of awareness.  We can sit in shuniya.

The second meditation purifies our limited awareness, allowing it to extend infinitely within to achieve an experience of God.  We merge with infinity.

Listen to the workshop audio, which picks up after the second meditation.  The group performs healing exercises with their partners.

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Recap: Healing and Meditation Class at Yoga West with Hari Nam Singh 2019-05-01 – The Projective Meditative Mind

The Projective Meditative Mind

We held a workshop at Yoga West on May 1, 2019.  In this class, we stabilized and developed the projective meditative mind.

In our healing tradition, healing begins when we can adjust our awareness to a specific aspect that we call the projective meditative mind.  Other names for this are shuniya and the sacred space.  Once we stabilize that position of awareness, we begin to relate with the patient (event) in a way that produces healing in the event.  We call the aspect projective because in that position of awareness our intention becomes projective, in that it manifests in our relation with the event.  Our intention to heal impacts the relation.

Literally, shuniya describes an aspect of mind that is empty.  Not void as in nothing, as there is always activity in the mind, rather empty of any tendency to move or direct the experience.  Sitting in shuniya, our mind  allows the flow of our experience without interfering with it or imposing any bias or preconception on the experience.  See Milarepa’s Song to Lady Palderboom.  Shuniya is a most profound state of being.  It is most effective for healing.

Arriving at this awareness is not an accident.  Nor is it likely that we should recognize it without preparing the mind with certain exercises, or kriyas.  Of the many kriyas that come from the tradition of Kundalini Yoga, many deal directly with the development of shuniya.

If we could arrive at shuniya by thinking it or by verbal instruction, we would.  Instead, we allow our practice of the kriyas to instruct our mind subtly.  The kriya tricks our mind into moving our awareness toward shuniya, giving us a direct experience of being empty.  With the repetition of kriyas, we practice accessing that place in our awareness, ultimately allowing us to stabilize it at will.

In this workshop, we performed a shuniya meditation.  This particular one is the first in a series of four that Yogi Bhajan gave to us when he visited Los Angeles in the Fall of 1994:
Meditation: Shuniya Meditations as Taught by Yogi Bhajan, Yoga West, 1994.

Then we practiced some healing exercises with partners.  After a couple of rounds, we performed the meditation:
Meditation: LA004 780109 Innocent Thumbs.

As we sit in shuniya, our perceptive field tends to “crank up the volume”, so we begin to become aware of minute sensations in a big way.  They can be distracting to us if we become caught up with them.  This kriya helps us not to engage, judge, or otherwise interfere with the flow of experience.  As  result, we become completely neutral as an observer of our experience.  Then, the experience is allowed to flow freely as we simply observe sitting in shuniya.  The healing intensifies as we increase the projective power of our intention.

After the healing exercises, we considered a next step to refining our projection.  Just as we are able to train ourselves to develop and stabilize shuniya at will, we are able to merge that awareness with our radiant body.  The radiant body impacts all who stand in our presence.  Its effects are instant, so we can quickly heal people with our presence.  The homework for this practice is:
Meditation: NM345- Strengthen and enhance the radiant body.

The class audio begins after the first meditation.  It continues through the healing exercises through the end of class.

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Recap: Healing Intensive with Hari Nam Singh at Park Slope Brooklyn March 29-30, 2019

Why all the confusion?  Why depression?

In this intensive we explored the basis for depression as emotional confusion.  We researched the tendencies for stuffing emotion into the physical by assigning our consciousness to those places and visiting them where they live.

Our goal was to understand the nature of the trauma and heal it.

March 29 Meditations:

NM371-Enjoy the creativity of God
“Sniff” meditation

March 30 Meditations:

LA860-Increase the flow of earth in you – Part 1 , Boost your immune system
LA742-Original Fear
Ganesha Meditation (undocumented)

Class audio


Today: “We have to understand the basic fundamental existence of ours—to understand the spirit.” Yogi Bhajan

“We have to understand the basic fundamental existence of ours—to understand the spirit. Once you understand the spirit you are all right.” Yogi Bhajan

Meditation: NM0415 – 20010910 – Karma & Dharma

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Recap: Healing and Meditation Class at Yoga West with Hari Nam Singh 2019-02-18 – Healing with the Visual Field

Healing with the Visual Field

We held a workshop at Yoga West on February 19, 2019 on the occasion of the full moon.

We performed a 31 minute meditation Drib Dhristi Lochina Karma.
It has an effect of giving one the capacity to heal with the eyes.

In our healing exercises we practiced recognizing and engaging the visual field to heal.

We commonly use the visual field to see objects which we perceive to be outside of ourselves.  If we turn the vision inward, we can open a new channel of perception closely linked to intuition which can merge with our healing space.  So, we are able to “see” structures in our healing relation that we can give attention to and form a healing intention.

When we look outwardly, see see more or less what we expect to see.  When we look inwardly, and renounce all expectations and preconceptions, we can begin see what was previously formless.  It adds a new dimension to our healing.

Listen to the class audio, which begins right at the end of the meditation, with a discussion of the method:

When we renounce all expectations and preconceptions, the inner vision, or “second sight” begins to clarify.  To assist this, we can practice non-reaction:
Meditation: LA907 – Kriya for Non-Reaction

Vision also clarifies when we become aware of (“open”) our third eye:
Meditation: LA827-19950307 – Third Eye

You can try these meditations.

Proving experimentally Einstein’s general theory of relativity.  A lecture by Kip Thorne.

Recap: Healing and Meditation Class at Yoga West with Hari Nam Singh 2019-01-02-The Meridians

The meridians

We held a workshop at Yoga West on January 2, 2019.  We discussed reading  the tendencies of the healing (or teaching) relation.

We performed a meditation to engage the self in one’s external reality.  This meditation improves our circulatory life, where we are able to engage our environment and other people in it in a very relaxed way, rather than checking out, separating the self and living in denial.

Meditation: KWTC 19970630 – For Faculty of Self Engagement

Then, to merge with the patient (healing) or class (teaching) in order to read what wants to be addressed.

Meditation: Know the Psyche of the Other

We performed exercises in recognizing the healing partner in the merged space, identifying the tendencies in the merged relation, then healing them.

Class audio:



Recap: Healing and Meditation Class at Yoga West with Hari Nam Singh 2018-12-10-The Hukam

The hukam

We held a workshop at Yoga West on December 10, 2018.  We performed a meditation to identify with only the self, allowing all features of the perceptive field to unify into a coherent internal context that is free of bias and personal prejudice.  It is an exercise in merging perception with the reality.

Stabilize identification with only the self:

Meditation: NM360-20000913 – Making a Mold – White Hole Mudra

We performed exercises in recognizing the role of contemplation in healing and teaching.  As a teaching protocol, we call it consulting the ‘hukam”.  Rather than teaching a preplanned topic or meditation with a preconceived goal, the hukam can tell us what wants to be taught.  For healing, what wants to be healed and how.

We engaged an exercise where healing partners spoke a statement or question to their partner.  Then the other responded to the statement.  We repeated the exercise, this time only responding after contemplating the reaction to the original statement and choosing a response modified by the contemplation. Finally, the person hearing the original statement contemplated the reaction until no more reaction was perceived.  Then spoke the response.

We then performed healing exercises that employed the use of contemplation in this way.

Class audio:

We pointed out that this class started out much the same way as last week’s class, but evolved in a very different direction.  That’s a result of using the hukam.


Recap: Healing and Meditation Class at Yoga West with Hari Nam Singh 2018-12-05

Use your attention to see what you feel

We held a workshop at Yoga West on December 5, 2018.  We performed a meditation to identify with only the self, allowing all features of the perceptive field to unify into a coherent internal context.

Stabilize identification with only the self:

Meditation: NM360-20000913 – Making a Mold – White Hole Mudra

We opened a space where the student may choose to place her attention on any or all features of the perceptive field.  We researched various  points of attention, simultaneously seeing them and feeling what we are seeing, clarifying each to reveal a more complex structure.  Simply giving attention in this way produces immediate change, and with intention, healing.  The experience is completely contained within the internal context of the [merged] self, so its reality is completely manifest, and flows, in that context.

Applying this vantage to the merged healing space, the healer is able to experience the impact of simply choosing a point of attention and stabilizing  its space.  Clarifying the space further reveals its structure and allows the application of any intentions that emerge in the process.

We practiced healing the space of such points of attention directly, particularly the neck, spine and cranium, and then related them with other points where there is resonance.  In particular, we researched resonance with brain function, which, when included, tends to initiate new patterns of existence that reinforce and stabilize the transformed state.

Achieve powerful projection: 
Meditation: LA088 790222 Egyptian Meditation


Recap: Healing and Meditation Class at Yoga West with Hari Nam Singh 2018-11-07

Manifesting intention through shuniya and the sensory experience

We held a workshop at Yoga West where we researched shuniya in the sensory experience as a healing space.  We focused on the reactivity found in the space of the liver.


Meditation: LA051-780907 – Tune the Vagus Nerve to Cosmic Consciousness

Meditation: LA004 780109 Innocent Thumbs

Workshop Audio:

Recap: Healing Intensive with Hari Nam Singh at Park Slope Brooklyn October 12-13, 2018

Who are you?  What does it mean being you, to whom?

Q: “Why are there spiritual beings having a human experience?”
A: Human beings are God’s means of experiencing and knowing God-Self.

We held a two day intensive exploring self and some of its aspects.  We  addressed tendencies that allow us to be persuaded to adopt a non-self identity.

October 12
Meditation: NM091 – 19921110 – Self Emboldenment, Engagement, Vision
Meditation: LA742 921201 Fear 1, original fear
Meditation: NM0420-20011015 – The Power of Memories – Remember the Saint Within

Class audio part 1

October 13
Meditation: M043-19890623 See Your Soul Within Your Third Eye
Meditation: NM0415 – 20010910 – Karma & Dharma
Meditation: LA004 780109 Innocent Thumbs

Class audio part 2